Symposium & Exhibition
aimed at tackling the ageing crisis
and promoting population health

2019 Theme: Social Inclusion
And Empowering The Population

24,August 2019(Sat) 8:30~17:30

What is IHCC

Currently, Singapore is rapidly moving towards an aging society. It is estimated that Singaporeans over 65 years of age will account for over 20% of the total population in year 2030. This symposium was created in mind to tackle the aging situation by incorporating the insights of health care experts and spurring new intricate discussion and ideas. This sharing platform aims to inform and promote new technologies,services and contribute to tackling the aging crisis.
Previously known as JSIP (Japan Singapore Inter-Professional Collaboration), the annual seminar began in 2013, with 5 symposiums held in the past. From the last year, the symposium also opened its doors to Finnish speakers, who have in-depth experience in social welfare.
Similarly, we will invite speakers and also companies from Finland as we believe it will be a valuable learning opportunity to have more nations on board. As such, JSIP will be rebranded to “International Health & Care Collaboration”, in line with our vision to make way for more nations in the future!

IHCC details Symposium, Exhibition & Workshops
EVENT The 6th IHCC: Social Inclusion & Empowering The Population - The value of Community, Primary Care, Equipment & Diets in nurturing an age-friendly society -
CONTENTS Symposium, Exhibition & Workshops
VENUE Academia (Singapore General Hospital) - 20 College Rd, Singapore 169856
TIME 24, August, 2019 (Sat) 8:30~17:30 (Opening gate at 8:30)
ORGANIZERS IHCC (International Health & Care Collaboration), Vivid Creations Pte Ltd
CO-ORGANIZER Academy of Medicine Singapore, Chapter of Family Medicine Physicians
SUPPORTING Embassy of Japan in Singapore, Embassy of Finland in Singapore, SingHealth Community Hospitals (SCH), Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Singapore (JCCI), Japan External Trade Organization SINGAPORE (JETRO), J.CLAIR SINGAPORE, Yushoukai Medical Corporation
EXHIBITING CONTENT Equipment & Services relating to nursing and medical care
VISITOR PROFILE Doctors, Nurses, Nutritionists, Nursing & Medical Personnel, Government bodies, IT professionals, medical entrepreneurs etc
SPECIAL PROJECTS 1. Medical Facilities Tours 2. Exhibitor workshops 3. Business Matching Sessions

Event Program

time08:30 Registration starts
time09:30 Welcome address
time09:33 Address from Organising Chairperson Dr Kenichi Sato - Representative, Consultant & Instructor for Japan Primary Care Association (JPCA)
time09:36 Address from Co-organising institution - Prof Teo Eng Kiong - Master-Elect, Academy of Medicine Singapore
time09:40 Address by Guest of Honour Mr. Tan Kwang Cheak - CEO, Agency for Intergrated Care
time09:45 Address by Distinguished Guest - Mr Jun Yamazaki - Ambassador of Japan to Singapore
time09:50 Photo-taking Session
time09:55 1st Keynote address Prof Go Tanaka - Director General, Department of Health & Welfare Bureau at Hiroshima Prefecture :"Approach to social inclusion community in Hiroshima Prefecture - after torrential rain disaster in 2018"
time10:25 2nd Keynote address Representative from Finland
time10:55 3rd Keynote address Prof Kalyani Kirtikar Mehta - Professor, Master and PhD of Gerontology Programmes, SR Nathan School of Human Development: "Importance of Social Inclusion in Health and Wellbeing from a Singaporean perspective"
time11:25 1st Panel Discussion
time11:45 Lunch & Exhibition/workshops
time13:45 1st Showcase presentation SG / A/Prof Lee Kheng Hock, Director of Education, Singhealth Community Hospitals: "How can we teach social inclusion to healthcare workers?"
time14:15 2nd Showcase presentation Dr Theng Yin Leng - Acting Director, Ageing Research Institute for Society and Education, Research Director for Arts, Humanities,Education and Social Sciences, President's Office Professor :"Taking a Usability Engineering Approach to the Modelling and Optimization of Eldercare Services for Older Adults"
time14:45 3rd Showcase presentation JP/ Dr Tomoki Ikai, Professor at University of Fukui, medical department,region primary care course. Town planning doctor : "The power of social capital and community-based participatory research - community makes community"
time15:15 2nd Panel Discussion
time15:35 Tea Break & Exhibition/Workshop
time15:55 4th Showcase presentation JP/ Dr Miyae Yamakawa - Associate professor, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Division of Health Sciences: "Gerontological nursing in super-aging society encouraging respect for decision-making and supporting personal autonomy"
time16:25 5th Showcase presentation Dr Kristina Mikkonen- Health Sciences, Post-doctoral researcher at University of Oulu: "Empowering population to selfcare- can we find elements of a successful digital transformation"
time16:55 3rd Panel Discussion
time17:15 Closing Ceremony
time17:30 End of event

*The programme can and will be subjected to changes

*Attendees will be allocated seats on a first come first serve basis. As the seating capacity in the auditorium is limited (around 450), we are unable to ensure that all registered attendees will be given a seat in the auditorium. Once the auditorium has reached maximum capacity, attendees will be allocated seats in a nearby designated room to watch the live streaming session. We hope to seek your understanding on this matter and apologise for any inconvenience caused.



Tomoki Ikai, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Primary Health Care, University of Fukui

Dr Ikai has been a professor at the University of Fukui since 2018. With his wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of community and primary care and a deep understanding of the healthcare at rural/ remote Japanese community, he has been passionate about developing the ideal medical collaboration among residents, government officials, and medical personnel across whole Japan. Currently, he is eager to achieve a community-based participatory research about social capital in Takahama town as a visiting scientist. To realize his goals, he has faithfully approached to the community with “Akahun-boya”, the official mascot character of Takahama, Fukui, and which has a role of symbolizing collaboration among residents, government officials, and medical personnel.


Miyae Yamakawa, PhD.

Associate professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University Nursing Epidemiology Research Unit Geriatric Nursing

Miyae Yamakawa is a director of the Japan Centre for Evidence Based Practice, the Affiliated Centre for Joanna Briggs Institutes, Associate professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University and also the specially appointed manager for clinical practice Asakayama General Hospital, Japan. Dr. Yamakawa was received the Ph.D in Nursing from Osaka University, Japan, in 2012.She is now associate professor of geriatric nursing of Osaka University. Her research interest includes dementia care and long-term care for elderly people, especially development of nursing skill for people with dementia in a dementia special care unit and constructing comprehensive community care for people with dementia and their families. These days she works for people with early onset dementia and their family in community settings.

Dr Kristina Mikkonen

Dr Kristina Mikkonen, PhD.

Health Sciences, Post-doctoral researcher at University of Oulu

Dr. Kristina Mikkonen is a post-doctoral researcher at the Research Unit of Nursing Science and Health Management at the University of Oulu in Finland.Her research focuses on competence in healthcare education and she has created extensive national and international research and educational partnerships. She coordinates major national and international research projects that address health and social care educators’ competence development (TerOpe-project),enhancement of mentor’s competence of nursing education (co-partner in QualMent-project), and implementation of a digital health module for higher education in health sciences (DHM-project).Kristina is highly motivated, committed to science, has high standards in work ethics and culture, and is a collaborative and goal-orientated young international researcher. She is the secretary of Finnish Association of Nursing Research.

Prof Theng Yin Leng

Dr Theng Yin Leng

Acting Director, Ageing Research Institute for Society and Education.
Research Director for Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences President’s Office Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information

Dr. Theng Yin Leng is Professor, Acting Executive Director at the Ageing Research Institute for Society and Education, Nanyang Technological University.
She is also the Founding Director of the Centre of Healthy and Sustainable Cities (CHESS) at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, and Research Director at the Research Strategy and Coordination Unit (President’s Office), Nanyang Technological University (NTU, Singapore).

In the area of research, Professor Theng’s philosophy is about doing worthwhile, scientifically-based experimental Human-Computer Interaction in understanding users and their interactions, especially for Information Systems, in her earlier research on the World Wide Web and Digital Libraries, and with recent focus on interactive systems/devices for Healthcare and Education.
Her main research interest is to develop innovative tools, techniques, methods and models to assist in the design and evaluation of interactive systems/devices, making research relevant and impacting society.

Assoc Prof Lee Kheng Hock

Assoc Prof Lee Kheng Hock

Director (Education), SingHealth Community Hospitals
Director (Medical), Bright Vision Hospital
Senior Consultant, Family Medicine and Continuing Care, Singapore General Hospital

An ardent advocate for interdisciplinary and integrative care for patients, A/Prof Lee is passionate about developing new models of care to optimise patients’ recovery and enable patients to move seamlessly between the different care settings.
A/Prof Lee has previously worked for 10 years as a clinician leader in private group practice before returning to the public sector in 2006, and currently holds several appointments at SingHealth.
He is presently a Senior Consultant at the Singapore General Hospital specialising in Family Medicine and Continuing Care and over the years, A/Prof Lee has contributed to the transformation of Bright Vision Hospital from a nursing home with community hospital capabilities to a full-fledged community hospital with quality care outcomes as Medical Director.
With his wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of primary and community care and a deep understanding of the healthcare system across the care continuum, A/Prof Lee also recently took on a role at the newly established SingHealth Community Hospitals (SCH) as Director (Education), to help SCH realise its goal of becoming a training hub for the intermediate and long term care sector, and ensuring a steady pipeline of trainees.



Director General of Health & Welfare Bureau at Hiroshima Prefecture

Prof Go TANAKA is also designated for Visiting Professor at Graduate School of Medicine, Hiroshima University, and Visiting Associate Professor at Osaka Univ. and at School of Public Health, Teikyo Univ.
He completed clinical fellowship in pediatrics at Okinawa Chubu Hospital from 1998, and in ER at Osaka Police Hospital. He joined Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2001 and has experienced a various field of public health career such as HIV/AIDS, Food Safety, Mental Health, National Hospitals Management and Perinatal & Emergency Medicine.
He was appointed as Director of Public Health Division at Gifu Prefecture from 2006, and Director of Medical Research and Business Development at National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry to 2011. Previously He joined WHO’s Western Pacific Regional Office in Manila as Partnership in Technical Cooperation from 2014 and Coordination Office on Emerging Infectious Diseases at Cabinet Secretariat as Councilor to 2017.

Prof Kalyani Kirtikar Mehta

Prof Kalyani Kirtikar Mehta

Professor, Master and PhD of Gerontology Programmes, SR Nathan School of Human Development

Professor Kalyani Mehta was Head of the Master of Gerontology Programme at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (2011-18). She started the first PhD in Gerontology at SUSS in 2017.
Although most of her research is conducted in Singapore, she has extensive knowledge of the Asia Pacific region. Her numerous publications include books for example “Understanding and Counselling Older Persons”, “Ageing in Singapore: Service Needs and the State”, six edited books, and more than 45 papers in international journals on social gerontology and social work. Professor Mehta was Nominated Member of Singapore Parliament (NMP) (2007-2009) and during her term she spoke on ageing policies and services. Her research interests are older workers, grandparenthood, family caregiving, social policies related to retirement, and integrated health care planning for an ageing population.
She is currently Justice of the Peace, member of the Panel of Advisors to the Family Justice Courts under the Vulnerable Adults Act, and consultant to National Council of Social Service.


Sponsor / Exhibitors

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Benefit for Sponsors

  • ・You can effectively promote your products as this Symposium permits professionals in medical and nursing fields who work in medical-related institutions, nursing homes, and government agencies to participate.
  • ・Exhibiting as a group of Japanse corporations can attract more visitors and business matching oppotunities than promoting as an individual corporations.
  • ・You can exhibit at a cheaper rate compared to the usual exhibitions held in Singapore.
  • ・Vivid Creations can support your participation in the symposium. Japanese and English languages are both available.
  • ・You can pay the exhibitor fees in SGD or JPY.

Vivid Creations Pte Ltd
Tel: 65-6522-0527
PIC: Ono, Han Rui, Hishida

Benefit for Visitors

  • ・This sharing platform aims to inform and promote new technologies, services and contribute to tackling the aging crisis
  • ・This sharing session provide all with a better understanding and insight of other available solutions and ideas that could possibly be incorporated as our own
  • ・Speakers and companies alike from Japan, Finland and Singapore will join to give more insight on the current trends and happenings






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